Hanging Garlands

Today, I have a couple of glittery, paper and bead garlands for you. There are so many videos on YouTube that share how to make these origami diamonds. I will not be adding another at this time. Here’s a few suggestions to type in the search line to find folding directions. origami diamonds – paper Christmas ornaments – rhombus ornaments – fractal origami. There are so many different shapes that would look beautiful together.

I used Die Cuts With a View glitter paper to create my diamonds. If you are making one of these, keep in mind that different glitter papers will not all fold well without cracking. I strung my diamonds and wooden beads onto satin ribbon. I did not glue the two halves of diamonds together before stringing them because my needle was not long enough to go through the whole thing. I attached the halves after stringing. You could use colored or printed paper as well.

DESIGNER TIP: I suggest using hot glue when adhering glittery papers together because regular glue and paste will not hold up over time.

Lastly, I added various elements like paper flowers and gems I found in my stash.

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